2013 LBG Plenary Highlights


Over 40 delegates came together for the annual LBG members’ plenary in Sydney on the 22nd of November, kindly hosted by Optus.

Session One: Review of 2013 and looking to the future

Simon Robinson and Jessica Pattison, LBG

Simon provided an overview of key initiatives throughout the year and Jessica highlighted some of the key trends from the 2013 benchmark with a tour of the new interactive microsite which shares 8 years of LBG data. A demonstration of the new self-benchmarking feature on LBGOnline was also introduced to members.

Mike Tuffrey, Director and Co-Founder of Corporate Citizenship

Mike spoke about LBG developments globally, including new alliances with key indices and benchmarks, developments to incorporate shared value initiatives into the LBG framework, and plans for a global benchmark.

Wayne Burns and Patricia Toohey, The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs

Wayne and Trish presented the initial findings of the LBG social impact measurement study, with recommendations for a new management framework to measure and understand the social impact of corporate community investments. Rita Marigliani from Medibank gave an account of Medibank’s involvement in the study. The year 1 report will soon be released to members.

Megan Taylor General Manager of Primal Communications

Commissioned by Haystac to conduct a member engagement survey with members, Megan presented the findings from interviews with over 12 members.

Session Two: The drivers that can influence corporate leadership decision-making regards community investments

Guest speakers provided insights into these drivers from the varying perspectives of investors, policy influencers, social change agents, consumers and employees.

From the perspective of investors, Duncan Paterson CEO of Corporate Enhanced Responsibility presented how investment looked like in the community and some of the myths and perceptions. His term ‘the tyranny of terminology’ resonated with those who have had to battle through CSR language.

As policy influencers, Jenni Downes and Martijn Boersma from Research Associates Catalyst, presented the latest developments in the CSR dashboard, and the impact it has had on community and business stakeholders.

With insight into social change agents, Karen Skinner, Australian Campaigns Director at Change.org presented how change.org works and plans to launch a corporate response platform.

Karen Mahlab, CEO Pro Bono Australia, presented key findings from a recent consumer insight survey looking at the purchasing behaviour of consumers with CSR in mind. 

From the viewpoint of employees, Dr. Debbie Haski-Leventhal Senior Lecturer at MGSM and the faculty leader of global citizenship, presented the findings of her recent research into corporate volunteering “Connecting People, Participation and Performance”


Session Three: Driving reputational value from CCI

Jim Stiliadis Head of Corporate Affairs and Media at Haystac

Jim shared his extensive experience in corporate communications and posed a series of questions including “Are we spending more because it drives brand reputation, or is brand reputation enhanced because of it?” 


Session Four: Member Case Studies

Four members were invited by the Steering Group to share their stories:

  • NZPost – Up cycling innovation
  • Optus  Digital Thumbprint
  • Teachers Mutual – Bank-Myanmar Teacher’s Project
  • Woodside Energy – Employee Volunteering and Volunteering WA

 The event scored a delegate satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5.


“The high spot so far this morning is Megan’s report. I also liked hearing of the global trends and social impact measurement study.” Patrick Heagney, Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety


“I really liked the Change.org piece of work. I have also learned more about what other companies are doing and the benefits.” Matthew Kronborg, Qantas.


“The best part of the plenary was seeing the cross-section of industries and what they are doing. It’s easy to be insular, especially in a male dominated, successful environment. I would certainly recommend other sports clubs to be involved with LBG to expand their community giving.” Shawn Wilkey, Carlton Football Club


“The plenary has once again provided our members with the opportunity to experience community social involvement within the membership and their peers. And to have external experts here has been wonderful. It has been a great opportunity to build networks, share knowledge and learning. For me the steering group and Haystac team really do need this link to get the whole perspective from members as they carry on their journey.”  Jo Ferrie, Chair of LBG Steering Group